Wellness from Within

Harmonic Egg

Color, Sound and Light Therapy

The Harmonic Egg offers deep relaxation and stress relief using light, color, frequency and sound in a resonant chamber. Its energy and frequency restores the body’s balance and promotes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.
Bioenergetic therapy harmonizes the energy within the body to allow your cells to reset and rebalance to encourage natural healing.

The egg shaped resonant chamber provides a consistent, repeatable experience creating a sense of internal balance and wellbeing. The music was created specifically for use within the geometric pattern of the Egg. The design uses the mathematics of 3, 6, 9. Tesla’s 3,6,9 theory was incorporated in the design of the Egg. He stated “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


De-stress and deep relaxation
Reset autonomic nervous system
Improve physical and emotional well being
Mental clarity and focus
Better health and less anxiety in humans and in pets
Detoxes the body and reduces inflammation
Clears trauma on a cellular level

Rock tower for meditation

Helps those who may:

Suffer from physical or mental pain
Cope with anger, stress anxiety
Depression, PTSD, grief, trauma or emotional pain
ADD, ADHD & Autism
Sleep disorders
and so much more

What people are Saying About the Harmonic Egg

“I have experienced a wide range of healing and rebalancing. I am a bit claustrophobic, but the Harmonic Egg is configured in a way that feels like a small room. All in all, I am so grateful for the experience and introduction to sound and light technology and the Harmonic Egg.”

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