Harmonic Egg Sessions

I really enjoyed meeting with Luanne

I really enjoyed my meeting with LuAnne and the Harmonic Egg. Lovely conversation and the energy was peaceful. The Egg experience was great! I was lulled to sleep in about 5 minutes and woke near the end of the treatment. I felt that wonderful numbly feeling through my body after getting out. For several days afterward I have enjoyed the deepest sleep I have had in a long time despite occasional interruptions from various family sources. I encourage people to give it a try.

Kevin M, Pain Specialist, MA

I highly recommend the healing offering

I highly recommend the healing offering and intuitive guidance of LuAnne Lantz and the incredible Harmonic Egg. I have had decreased pain, improved sleep and increased clarity and alignment with my higher purpose. The Egg is for anyone open to healing and connecting with their body, mind and spirit. It is EXTREMELY relaxing, a profound reset of the nervous system and a detox of the body.

Rose S, Coach, Healer NH

I highly recommend LuAnne!

I highly recommend LuAnne! She has helped me get through some real tough times. Her Egg healings are fantastic and she’s an amazing healer.

Sara Q. Reiki&Wellness. NH

I came and tried LuAnne's Harmonic Egg

I came and tried LuAnne’s Harmonic Egg. It is a relaxing and opening experience. As someone in the Somatic field, I am aware it takes time to feel, sense and notice changes in our lives. The Harmonic Egg is a great option for anyone wanting to open in to more healing and self awareness. If I lived closer I would go more often. Sound healing is a practice all on its own, the color and geometric forms just ads to the amazing experience. Thanks LuAnne!

Jennifer D. Mind Body Awareness, VT

LuAnne offers something very unique

LuAnne offers something very unique with life changes possible, the Harmonic Egg. She is a compassionate practitioner, also a perfect complement.

Paul Y, Wellness Works NH

LuAnne is a true gift to our world

LuAnne is a true gift to our world. Her intuitive strength reached my teenage daughters in ways I could not. I felt at a loss, and LuAnne knew what to do. Each of my daughters has experienced the Egg and loved it! They have asked to go for more sessions this coming year!

Laura P., NH

I wasn't well..

i’ve been coming to Harmonic Egg since March 2022,I wasn’t well..dealing with anxiety, stress and overall sickness…after each session things were healing..I felt a relief and a new self confidence like never before. An open mind and know your body can heal ..worth trying .

Lois Q., NH

My First Session

I had my first session in the Harmonic Egg in Feb 2022. After my session my back was pain free for the first time in 4.5 years. As I arrived for my third session I decided to try the stairs and was surprised I was able to climb the stairs and without pain! I hadn’t been able to take stairs in 4.5 years since my back surgery after an accident at work that put me on disability. My experiences in the Egg have been life changing! I am open to this concept of healing, which makes a big difference in what you receive. Try it!

Fred G., NH

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

  • Please give at least 24 hours advance notice for cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Each client is granted one “grace appointment” to miss a session if an emergency comes up.  After that, the following policies are in place:
    • If you cancel or change your appointment with less than 24-hour notice, you may incur a fee of $25
    • If you miss an appointment, full fee may be charged for the session if I am not able to fill your time slot
  • If you are late for an appointment, the session will be shortened accordingly.

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